-5 [24 JAN 2006]: The first post

This is the first post of what I hope will be a decent blog. My hopes for this blog is that it will informative and updated on a regular basis. Then again, it will likely just get forgotten about like a 52 Chevy pickup truck, rusting away behind some old weathered barn, somewhere along US Hwy 2, in the middle of Nowhere, Montana. Pretty lenghthy and descriptive sentence eh?

The idea behind this blog is to feature things that interest me and I think would interest others. Subjects that I would like to cover include technology, gaming, some sports, and anything else that happens to come along. That is the plan but the rusting truck fate also awaits too if I am not careful. So without further delay on with the blog!

[Edited 14 Mar 2005 because I cannot spell worth a damn the first time around]


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