-3 [15 Mar 2005] The weeds are taking over

Man, it has been a long while since I have made a post.  The weeds are beginning to peak through the chassis.   Seriously it has been a very busy month and half, thus finding time to make a post has been difficult at best.   “What was taking up your time?”, the reader may ask.  One word: Olympics.  Yes I have been the middle of the 2006 Winter Olympics which were just concluded a couple of weeks ago in the city I currently live in, Torino (Turin to non Italians).  All things considered things went OK.  The terrorist stayed away, the local radicals kept their trap shut and did not disrupt things, and the weather cooperated most of the time.   Sure the US team bombed out this time, howeve the locals did well and we have witness the rise of the Chinese.   Look foward to a lot of red flags at the next Games in Bejiing.  The city seemed to have alot of fun.   On the weekends it seemed that half the population of Torino tried to jam downtown near Piazza Castello were the Medals plaza was.  Buses were packed like sardine cans with locals and out of towners alike.  I spotted lots of people wearing Russian, Canadian and Italian team attire, not suprising since the respective countries set up stores selling their swag.  The city of Vancouver, hosts of the 2010 Winter Olympics, set up an impressive exhibit, made of a log house brought over from British Columbia.  I walked in there and felt I like I was somewhere back home.   Northwest Montana shares a lot with British Columbia.   And of course the place was packed.   I generally had fun these games although not as much as Athens and Salt Lake City.  However Torino managed to pull it off and hopefully have left themselves a nice legacy.    Xinhkero out


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