-1 Time to deal with the rust

Just a quick post today.    I read someplace that about 90% (not accurate, don’t quote that number) of all blogs started get abandoned.   Seems this one is going that way.   To be quite frank, I had forgot about it.  At least it’s not like forgetting something in the fridge.   However it’s time to clean off the rust and actually do something with this site.   Thus the direction of this blog is going toward one of my pastimes: World of Warcraft.    Its not going to be totally World of Warcraft, although I can likely find enough things WoW related to yak about.   However the main focus will be set in WoW with non WoW content being whatever interests me, which is rather broad.    Anyway, enough for now.   Oh, and I see the WordPress folks have included a spellcheck feature, time to “test” it.

Update:   Uploaded a new header.   This post can be considered the end of my old blog (such as it was with five whole posts) and the start of my new revamped blog.   Thus the site content starts with the next new post.


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