WoW Blogs and Forums: Assassinations and RDBS

Today I was taking my daily read through WoW Insider when I came across this story.    Seems a group of Assassins has formed to “deal with” annoying NPCs that players feel deserve a dirt nap.    Seems like a pretty good idea to me.    Already Fandral Staghelm, Lady Katrina Prestor (Onyxia in disguise) and Magatha Grimtotem have all been terminated.    Now which NPC would I like “removed”?

For those would be Assassins or those would like to take a contract out on someone, here is the the thread on the WoW US forums.

Next up, on the blog Big Red Kitty was this wonderful story about their Running of Da Bull for Sharvan.   I had run across this via the Big Bear Butt Blogger, however BRK had more details (since they along with Team Ratshag) organized this event.   This was a race of L1 Tauren from the Tauren start area to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands.   From there, they decide to “raid” Ironforge.    Needless to say, much hamburger was produced in IF that day.   A group pressed onward to raid that scrouge of Elwynn, Hogger.  Even better they used the event to honor one of their guild mates who had recently passed away.    Fun event, yet touching.


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