About: Xinh

Who the hell is Xinh?   That’s easy, its a nick or “handle” I have been using for quite some time.   Xinh was created out of thin air when I needed to register for some site or another back in 1999 or so, and I have been using that nick ever since.

I am an American living overseas (currently live in the Italian city of Turin).  I am in my early 30s, male, and I am normally a nocturnal being by nature (an ex-boss compared me to a vampire as I was working the graveyard shift).   Culturally I am a hybrid,  having a mixed blood background (Native American/”Brit Mutt”), grew up in a small town/rural setting (in Montana) and I have spent much of my adult life in cities.

My current online activities vary, however many of them revolve around the MMORPG, World of Warcraft, and the resulting community (actually at last check, WoW has a population size close to Moscow or Shanghai) that has formed around the game.   I have been playing WoW since May of 2005 and currently play on the EU realm Bronzebeard (however my account is currently frozen due to cash issues)

My collection of characters (my Alliance and Horde mains plus the collection o’ alts)

Theseus – 70 Night Elf Druid  <Serenity> (Officer and site admin)

Bloodieros – 70 Blood Elf Paladin <Justice for All>

Xinh – 66 Night Elf Rogue

Thesdue – 47 Draenai Shaman

Nextox – 31 Human Warlock

Pyrkagia – 20 Blood Elf Mage

In addition I use the Xinh or Bloodieros nick on WoW Interface, WoWUI.WorldofWar.net, WoWAce, Curse, Nihilum, SK Gaming, WoWInsider, and other WoW related sites.

I am active in the WoW UI field with several completed WoW UI compilations released as well as one AddOn release and another currently under development.  All my UI releases can be found on WoWInterface (link to my Author Portal).  In addition, I have planned a PvP movie in the near future and possibly some work in the machinima field.

Outside of WoW, I am semi active in the Windows customzation field with a few small works released on DeviantArt


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