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WoW: Wrath of the Lich King goodies

Posted in World of Warcraft on 9 May 2008 by Lykofos

Today, GameSpy, Curse and dropped a couple trucks (lorries to you Brits) worth of information regarding the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.   They along other WoW fan sites got to pay a visit to Blizzard HQ.   Needless to say there are some nice things coming. The following is a sample of what was revealed:

Death Knights:

  • Starts at L55 inside a floating Necropolis (similar to Naxx) somewhere over EPL.   I would think the Necropolis in question will the one that replaces Naxx when Naxx is moved to Northrend.
  • No word on whether or not Horde and Alliance DKs will start in the same area.    If they do start in the same area, things could be interesting on a PvP server.
  • Players need to have a character at or above L55 to roll a DK
  • DKs will NOT replace any existing character
  • You will not need to “unlock” the ability to roll a DK.
  • DKs will start with their own 60% speed mount (Death Charger) which will be upgraded via a quest line, similar to the Warlock and Paladin mounts
  • All races can be DKs, this means we will see NE, Gnome, Tauren DKs among others.
  • DKs will be Tank/DPS hybrids using 2h or Duel Wiedling.
  • DKs will use a Rune system, Blood, Frost and Unholy. Runes will be expended when abilities are used and will regen (like a Rogue’s Energy). DKs will also have a secondary bar called Runic Power which will build up as you expend Runes and decay over time (similar to a Warrior’s Rage). RP is used for several spells and abilities that will expend all of the DKs available RP. The more RP you have the more pain that spell will dish out.
  • DKs will come with a complete set of spells and ablities. One of these will allow a DK to raise a corpse as a Ghoul. This includes a Player’s corpse. If a DK raises a teamate’s corpse as a Ghoul, the player whose corpse was raised can control the resulting Ghoul. This presents some interesting challenges in Arenas. Ghouls will have a set of spells including Slowing and Disease effects
  • You get one DK per realm.  You must have a L55 or higher character on that realm.
  • DKs will start with a mix of Green and Blue quality items.    Their first few quests will gain them better quality gear that will be exclusive to the DK class.

Vehicle combat and Mounts

  • In one video, players are shown be controlling an Gnomish Flying Machine (like the ones in IF by the Battlemasters) and engaging in aerial combat with Gargoyles. GameSpy has mention other vehicle combat scenarios that they were shown and got to play with
  • In one instance (according to Curse), you fight a mob called an Interrogator who has captured various drakes from the different Dragon Aspects. Once the drakes are freed, you can fly on them for the remainder of the instance and gain special ablities while mounted.
  • The new vehicle combat system could include Siege Weapons, something was discussed at BlizzCon.
  • The mounts available to buy in Wrath will probably be able to take passengers. These mounts will also work in the old world (Provided they are land mounts), so players can give low-level characters a ride! The new mounts will also be slightly faster, around the speed of the Armored Netherdrakes
  • Flying mounts will be grounded until you get to L77, after that you will need to do quest or visit a trainer (not decide which its going to be) to be able to fly again.   Flying mounts will only work in Northrend (and Outland as previous).    Due to nature of the old world (numerous graphic shortcuts and such that were never ment to be seen by the players), flying mounts will not likely ever work on Azeroth/Kalimdor

Bigger Zones

  • Apparently Northrend is bigger than Outland and the various zones are much bigger than Outland or old world zones.
  • Zones have a larger variety of landscapes, towns (friendly and hostile)
  • There are usable items such as Lifts, an aerial tram (like what you see in the Alps), and more.
  • There will be transport between the two “starting” zones (Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra), its reported to be a giant turtle which will travel between Tuskaar towns on the coast of each zone.


  • All 5 man instances will have a Heroic mode
  • Heroics will have a different loot table than normal
  • The Badge system will continue, a different token will be used.
  • All raid instances will come in two flavors, 10 and 25 instances
  • 25 man versions will have better loot (higher Tier) than 10 man.
  • 10 and 25 man instances will be on separate timers
  • No attunement to raid instances

Some other info

  • The Scarlett Crusade is back, now called the Scarlett Onslaught.
  • Also making a return are the Worgen along with the Sons of Arugal (the elite Worgen that gank lowbie Hordies questing in Silverpine Forest) .
  • Numerous story lines from both WoW and Warcraft 3 are continued. One quest is based on one of the missions from Warcraft 3.
  • Players will be able to change their hairstyles as often as they want, the cost of doing so will scale with their level.
  • PvE ladders on the official armory are possible in the future
  • There will be no event to open the route to Northrend like AQ; the day of the expansion release, players can go straight into Northrend. However, a month or 2 in advance there will possibly be a large patch, similar to pre TBC. Players will get hints of why they will have to go to Northrend in this period, and this patch will possibly feature new talent trees and class changes.
  • There will be a lot of new exciting things for all classes on the way to level 80 in terms of talents and abilites, and player will likely find there is a different balance between the classes at level 80.
  • It is likely some new spells and abilities for the classes will be shown at the WWI next month
  • There may be an instance inside Dalaran, the new central hub city in Northrend.
  • Better graphics are a possibility for the future, but it’s not something that Blizz are working on right now.
  • Blizzard are planning to bring out cool new items for players to spend all their money on, BEFORE Wrath comes out.
  • Lots of UI improvement planned, Blizzard will be integrating some popular addons to the standard UI.  These could include Threat meters, this was discussed at BlizzCon.
  • There is a possibilty that old instances will be brought back later on in the game, in a similar way that Naxxramas is being revived in Wrath.  Naxx will get a 10 and 25 man version.

There is a lot more to read about. Check out both GameSpy and World of for more.

GameSpy’s WoLK coverage:

Videos showing several of the Northrend zones:

World of War’s WoLK coverage:

Curse’s WoLK coverage:

MMO-Champion has further details and an excellent break-down of what was presented at the event.   Also the videos that GameSpy are also present ready to be viewed.   Those videos are pieces of a longer 9 minute video.   A French site, has the complete video of which I have embedded below.

MMO-Champion coverage:

The promised video:

I am personally getting excited with the new expansion. It will be adding alot of new elements to an already impressive game. This information is only the tip of the iceberg as beta testing as not been started yet, nor we do not anything about new spells or new talents. Many new factions will be added, Dalaran is getting moved to became the Shattrath of the north. The old location of Dalaran in Alterac will be become a big hole, however Blizzard does have plans for it. We will likely hear more when Blizzard’s World Wide Invitational occurs in June plus get some screenshots of the game. Stay tuned.


WoW Blogs and Forums: Assassinations and RDBS

Posted in World of Warcraft on 6 May 2008 by Lykofos

Today I was taking my daily read through WoW Insider when I came across this story.    Seems a group of Assassins has formed to “deal with” annoying NPCs that players feel deserve a dirt nap.    Seems like a pretty good idea to me.    Already Fandral Staghelm, Lady Katrina Prestor (Onyxia in disguise) and Magatha Grimtotem have all been terminated.    Now which NPC would I like “removed”?

For those would be Assassins or those would like to take a contract out on someone, here is the the thread on the WoW US forums.

Next up, on the blog Big Red Kitty was this wonderful story about their Running of Da Bull for Sharvan.   I had run across this via the Big Bear Butt Blogger, however BRK had more details (since they along with Team Ratshag) organized this event.   This was a race of L1 Tauren from the Tauren start area to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands.   From there, they decide to “raid” Ironforge.    Needless to say, much hamburger was produced in IF that day.   A group pressed onward to raid that scrouge of Elwynn, Hogger.  Even better they used the event to honor one of their guild mates who had recently passed away.    Fun event, yet touching.

And so it begins… WoW AddOn Sites

Posted in AddOns & Macros, Uncategorized, World of Warcraft on 5 May 2008 by Lykofos

Now after stealing a line from the intro of an old WoW Radio show called [Epic], its time to begin.

The post’s topic: AddOns for World of Warcraft.   Or to be more precise where to find em.

THE BIG THREE (The major release sites)

First of all, the Big Three:

Curse (direct link to Curse’s WoW Addons section)


These can be considered the “release” sites as when an author feels the AddOn is ready for the masses, he/she unleashes it via one of those sites.   Mods downloaded from the Big Three can be usually considered to be stable.


Next up, are the development sites.   These sites are where AddOns in development hang out as they mature.   Many mods downloaded from these sites work just fine however they could break when you least expect it, contain strange bugs, lack documentation or have other flaws.

– The beta categories of WoWUI (click the beta tab on the WoWUI front page) and WoWInterface

WoWAce files This a snapshot of the WoWAce SVN “trunk” with all mods packaged as .zip files.   Mods can be usually be considered to be beta quality.

WoWAce SVN (note mods are best downloaded using an SVN client due to the nature of an Subversion repo)  The WoWAce SVN “branches”.   Mods here can be considered to be early beta, alpha or just plain not working.   The “Bleeding Edge” and only rec commended for advanced users.

Google Code You will have to search.  Some projects may have a download page, others you will have click the “Source” button to access their SVN


Now comes lessor known AddOn sites or sites that host specific AddOns or AddOn families.

Cosmos UI – This site hosts the Cosmos UI compilation (one of the very first WoW AddOns).  Some of the mods on this site are Cosmos originals while others are mods that are also hosted elsewhere

Auctioneer – The official site for Auctioneer, Enchrantix and related mods.

CTMod – Another of the pioneer addons for WoW.  Home for all CT Mod AddOns including CT_RaidAssist

Gazmik Fizzwidget – Home of the popular Fizzwidget AddOns (such as Hunter’s Helper, Adspace, etc)

Tekkub – Tekkub’s site houses many small mods plus links to beta versions of those mods.   Plus documentation for the popular mod, Tour Guide, can be found here

Discord Mods – home of the Discord family of AddOns.   All of the latest versions (as maintained and updated by Discord users) are located here as well as forums, documentation and custom UIs.


Finally come the site were users can chat about AddOns and other WoW UI topics, plus obtain help for their UIs.

WoWInterface, Curse, WoWUI, and WoWAce forums (direct links to site forums)

– the Offical WoW forums:  UI & Macros Forum (US) / Interface Customisation (EU)


Another popular way to get mods is via an updater.   An updater will download AddOns and help keep them updated.   Most modern updaters will auto download any needed dependencies and keep the updated as needed.

– WoWAceUpdater:

  • ClickOnce installer (IE, Firefox with the Click Once AddOn), Zip, Forums
  • WoWAce
  • Windows Only, requires the .Net 2.0 Runtime or later.
  • The best known of the the updaters.

– Netherpanel:

  • Java WebStart To start the program without having to open a browser; right click the link and select “Save as…”.  Then save the file (it’s tiny, a few kilobytes) on your desktop or move it into your Start Menu/Dock.  Clicking this file will start Netherpanel.  Forum and info @ WoWAce, Website
  • WoWAce, uploads to WoWRoster and other sites that support UniAdmin/UniUploader.  Other AddOn site support is in the works
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.   Requires Java 5 or 6
  • An up and coming Updater.   Netherpanel has a different UI than the other Updaters that is actually quite nice, the author is improving Netherpanel with feedback from the community.   A Python based plug-in system is in the works.
  • Currently Netherpanel has a bit of trouble with mods that are split up for Load on Demand features.  Such mods include BigWigs and PitBull.  Netherpanel will keep them in one folder rather than splitting them up.

– jWoWUpdater

  • Zip (from Google Code), Forum @ WoWAce, Website
  • WoWAce, WoWInteface, WoWUI, Curse (non WoWAce sites require some user setup)
  • Java based; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • A small, lightweight updater, can auto update itself so you can be sure of having the latest version.

– WoW UI Updater

  • Windows Zip, Mac OS X Disk Image, Source/Linux (needs to be compiled for your distro), Forum, Website
  • WoWAce, WoWInterface, Curse, AuctioneerAddon, GathererAddon, CosmosUI, CTMod, CapnBry, GoogleCode (plus SVN) and AceSVN
  • Python based, numerous downloads are available.
  • Fairly broad based updater.   The author is working with the Netherpanel author to develop a Python based plug-in system for Netherpanel

– WoWInterface UI Manager

  • Zip (Windows), Zip (“Generic”), more information at WoWInterface (follow one of the two provided links)
  • Java based. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Mac and Linux should use the generic version), Java 1.5 or later required
  • WoWInterface
  • Simple manager for mods hosted on WoWInterface.   Easy updating from your WoWInterface “Favorites”.  WUM will install any missing “Favorites” (with confirmation).  Other mods require a bit more work to set up initially, however once setup, its one touch updating.
  • It won’t actually overwrite your mods until you give your blessing.  Designed to be fast and secure.   It will compare MD5 hashes to help prevent spoofing or fake AddOns.  WUM will auto backup your AddOns prior to updating.

– There are numerous command line updaters scripted in Python, Perl and other languages.  Check out the Updaters forums on WoWAce

You may want to bookmark this post as I will update in the future as additional AddOn sites come online and old ones die.