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Missing leopard, in Torino. WTF?

Posted in WTF? on 6 May 2008 by Lykofos

Its amazing what you find while living in this mid sized sleepy industrial city nestled in the curves of the River Po.   I am by no means, “worldly”, however I have seen some pretty interesting things in my time.   Today, while waiting for the bus, I spotted a “Missing” poster attached to the side of a garbage can.   It seems someone has misplaced a leopard.   Yes, that’s right, a leopard.   One 80 kilo, yellow with black spots, big cat.   In the middle of Turin, Italy.

Apparently the big cat was last seen scaling (or jumping over, Babelfish is imperfect at translating) a 4 meter tall gate, not very difficult for a cat that hauls lunch up a tree to avoid having to deal with lions and other would be thieves.    According to the cat’s blog (yes, an African big cat has its own blog), its normal occupation is that of a movie actor.   One of the industries in Turin is movie and TV production.   Its not uncommon to see a film crew doing a shoot on Via Roma or in one of the old industrial buildings that dot the Torino area.

If anyone in the area of the Palazzo Giustizia happens to see a large spotted cat (who by the way, goes by the name of Leo), offer it a large steak and let its human know.   It apparently has spent its life around humans and is comfortable with us (good thing since he spends time in front of the camera).

Apparently he was spotted on the Metro, as shown in a YouTube video shot from what appears to be a security camera in the Metro.    Whether or not this is for real, some kind of “guerrilla marketing” or just one big (fun) hoax has yet be seen.   I find it hard to believe that a big cat would wander the streets of a city without much notice.    I have yet to see anything regarding this in the local media (La Stampa and the like).

Leo’s blog: (in Italian)